Why Solva

Since 2013, our approach is education, expertise, ethics & integrity.

Navigating seniors housing and care can be time-consuming, confusing and stressful.  It can take more than 100 hours of research, learning how the local senior living sector works and comparing the options.       


We created Solva in 2013 to help families save time and gain peace of mind throughout the transition.


Not only is Solva the most established and knowledgable counseling program but also Solva is unique because of our ethics and values.  We have created a sustainable business model that is based on extensive partnerships with over 100 local senior living providers but a truly unbiased counseling program. 


Since 2013, we have never wavered.    This includes:


1 -  Independent, Impartial & Unbiased


Solva is the only consulting firm in Ottawa that offers a free retirement home search counseling service, where our advisors are NOT paid commission.  When you speak to our team there income is not commission based nor do they have sales targets.   Many other programs are realtor or broker models, which is commission based. Where advisors or counselors are paid primarily when you move into a retirement community that they referred you to. 


Solva's team is paid a salary without commission.  It was specifically established that way to ensure they are impartial and not basing their referrals on a remunerative gain.  This means they will refer you to the services, programs, and accommodations that best meet your needs.  As far as we know Solva is the only program that is established in this way.    


This is important because the Advisor (or Counselor) will always ensure to give you all the information, not just referrals or guidance where they might be getting renumerated on commission.


2 - Experience


Solva is proudly the only senior living counseling program in Ottawa where all the Advisors come with knowledge and experience from having worked in seniors housing.  Our team is comprised of Senior Housing, Geriatric Nursing and Aging at Home experts.  Solva offers you a deeper insight into the operations of these facilities or agencies for true guidance and referrals that match your individual needs.   


Long before Solva was established, we developed positive relationships with senior living providers.   At one time our founder oversaw 18 local retirement homes as a Regional Director of Sales & Marketing and is currently faculty at Algonquin College Retirement Communities Management Program.  Thus, fully understanding the operation.   


With that said, we have visited and toured each and every retirement community in Ottawa and fully understand the landscape.  Because of our operational knowledge, we can better coach you or advocate for you with these communities.


3 - Free & Paid Services


So the elephant in the room is always "how are you paid?".  We offer a mix of free and paid services.  We created an extremely large network of local senior housing providers who have agreed to cover our fees.  This is the same for other similar Retirement Home Counselling Services - however, we are the only one - that all the providers pay us the exact same amount vs a percentage of one month's rent.     


Our flat fee ensures again that we do not send clients to where we may get paid more. This, along with our Advisors being paid salary not commission ensures we offer an unbiased program.   


We do offer some paid services, where the client would cover the costs this includes:


  • Advanced Senior Living & ElderCare Planning

  • Long Term Care Facility Navigation & Support


4 - Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice


While there are no governing bodies overseeing our practice, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure our team remains independent, impartial and unbiased.      


We do not favor one retirement community over the other simply because the team is not paid commission knor have sales targets.          







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