Programs for Employers

With the aging demographic growing, it is safe to say that some of your employees will be caring for an aging loved one.     Our program for employers can help with the following:


Prevention from loss time:

Employees caring for an aging loved one will be having to take a loved one to a variety of appointments throughout regular working hours.  They may have to leave from crisis or urgent situations.    The frequency of these caregiving needs will be greater than caring for a child and in many cases unplanned.


Prevention of loss of productivity:

When your employees are caring for an aging loved one, they will most likely take phone calls and research solutions while during working hours. They may even find relief by sharing their stress with fellow co-workers.  Should your employees be managing personal stress, it is safe to say that their productivity will be weakened.    


As an employer, you can acknowledge this in advance and seek out solutions to educate your team in advance.     Encouraging your team to have an advanced caregiving plan will ensure that when or if the time comes they will be educated and prepared to balance work and caregiving duties.    



Solva can offer workshops, presentations and keynote speaker for retreats.      We can address the elephant in the room and provide your employees with real-life solutions.


Our approach is pure education and strategic planning so that employees are prepared in advance.


We offer webinars and in-person presentations.

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EAP Local Helpline

Solva offers employers a complimentary program to their current EAP program.    Our local helpline is available to your team entirely for free.

When you notice an employee who may benefit from the assistance from education and advice about senior living and eldercare, we are here to help!     We can even provide fliers and posters for the office.

Employee ElderCare Navigation Clinics

If you are a large organization, you could offer your employees with a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual ElderCare Navigation Clinic.       


Simply provide our team with a space within your office and we will be on-site to offer your employees free ElderCare Navigation and Education Clinics.   


These clinics, offer employees an opportunity to speak to a knowledgeable advisor, who can answer questions, provide guidance and advice for senior living, caregiving and eldercare.      


These clinics could offer your staff an outlet to speak to a knowledgeable resource when caring for an aging loved one.

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