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An ElderCare plan looks at the environment and care that one may require as they age. A typical plan will look at various scenarios and strategies based on the individuals' goals for aging.     


A typical plan will look at the following areas:


  • Aging at home

  • Relocating 

  • Retirement Residences

  • Long Term Care Facilities


During a meeting with a Senior Living Advisor, you will discuss your goals, preferences and current/future needs. Your current living situation will be reviewed and your advisor will provide guidance, referrals, recommendations, and strategies that could be taken should the need arise.     


For example:     

For individuals who would prefer to age at home, the Senior Living Advisor will consider all things to enable you to age at home successfully, and then prepare a recommended plan and budget. This may include:


  • Home Accessibility (Fall risk)

  • Social Engagement (companionship)

  • Nutrition (meal programs)

  • Transportation

  • HomeCare

  • HomeSafety

  • Home Maintenance etc.


What the plan will show, is all the areas to consider for aging well at home, and then provide both public (funded) and private (fee for service) programs available in the community, plus strategies on how to access them. It will include all the contact information and also a budget and estimated costs.


Again, this may not be needed now, but the Advanced ElderCare plan is to ensure that when you do require these services, you are ready, prepared and able to access them.


How does an ElderCare Plan Work?

How does the Advanced ElderCare Plan Program Work?


Contact Solva to arrange for an Advanced ElderCare Planning meeting.  A Senior Living Advisor will come meet with you in your home.  A typical meeting takes approximately 1-2 hours


We will discuss goals, preferences, current/future health needs, and concerns. We will discuss and review the following areas;


Aging at Home

Relocating to Seniors Housing

Long Term Care

Respite or Convalescence (should there be any surgery)



Following our meeting, the Senior Living Advisor will prepare a thorough document which will contain strategies, resources, referrals, recommendations and even a budget, based on your individual criteria and goals. This document is detailed and specific, and depending on your individual situation, can be15-40 pages at length.  The advisor will then meet with you again, to walk you through the recommendations and strategies, and answer any questions you may have.     


Is there a fee for this program?


This program is offered at a nominal fee ranging from $150 - $500 per plan, including having the personal document prepared and presented.



What else is an Advanced ElderCare Plan good for?


The Advanced ElderCare Plan is an excellent tool to keep you in the driver's seat as you age. It will also help with financial planning and saving, by way of creating strategies for accessing funded services, and also creating a budget for future needs.


An Advanced ElderCare Plan is also a great impartial and independent perspective, which can be used for family resolutions, research, and POA/estate conflicts.     

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