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Solva is an independent group of professionals who support, educate and advocate for seniors.     We offer a variety of services and programs that can help you save time and make informed decisions.


Solva is an independent group of professionals from Ottawa & Eastern Ontario, who support, educate, and advocate for seniors.   We offer a variety of services and programs that can help you save time and make informed decisions.

Since 2013, Solva was established to help seniors and families save time from navigating the various retirement home options. 


In Ottawa there are more than 75+ licensed Retirement Homes and counting.  Because we are the only senior living counselling program where our Advisers have all worked in the senior housing sector we fully understand how they operate and can help you make informed decisions. 

Since 2013, we have established our place in the senior housing marketplace here in Ottawa, having assisted countless families save time and navigate options.

Our navigation assistance and search services are entirely free including meeting you in person to lead a discussion on how the various options work and strategies others have taken.   As well, we can escort you on tours, take notes and provide you with the support and guidance you need during this transition.


Our Advisers have expertise and knowledge from having worked worked and managed local Retirement Homes right here in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, through to Kingston.

We have done all the research for you.  We have visited every retirement home in Ottawa and area.  We have developed a relationship with them and understand the services they offer thus saving you time from calling around.

Unique to Solva:

We are a local established senior housing counselling program.  We have visited and developed relationships with all local retirement homes.    

Our retirement home search program and home care referral program is entirely free.

We also provide referrals for community based services and programs.  We take a keen approach on understanding all the local services available to seniors.

About Solva


We are partnered with over 125 local senior living providers who help cover the cost of your search.  BUT we will refer to ALL retirement homes, not just those who partner with us. 


Essentially, most retirement communities support our program but we do not leave any option behind, including those who do not partner (very few), and will consider all options based on needs, preferences and budget when it comes to our referrals.    We can do this because our founder wanted to approach our program not like a realtor model where your Adviser gets paid commission when you move in but offer you truly impartial and unbiased guidance.  


We are the only free senior living counselling program in Ottawa where our Advisers are paid full salary without commission and have no agenda if you move into a residence or not.   Therefore no contracts to work with us, no pushy follow-up... just the information and support you need to save time and make informed decisions.

No contracts to use our services

We are the only senior housing counselling program in Ottawa where all our Advisers have worked in seniors housing thus providing you the best information, guidance and advocacy.   We even teach management of retirement homes at Algonquin College.

We are also the only free counselling program in Ottawa, where our Advisers are not paid commission based salaries thus not basing referrals on any remunerative gain.

We can also help seniors and families with eldercare planning & strategy including a full review of all the options in the community from Aging at Home, Seniors Housing and Long Term Care facilities.




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